2015 SAPORI DI CRECCHIO A commercial local in the old town of Crecchio. In the twenties it was a pasta factory, in the seventies prison, from 2000 used as storage. Become a club dedicated to wine and local, with homemade pasta, pizza and bakery, where you can buy and taste the local cuisine. The operation was aimed at the removal of the interventions of the seventies and bring to light the bare structure. The furnishings respect the character of the local poor to recreate the image of the cellar of the country. The direct and indirect lighting produce a pleasant effect of light and shade. CRECCHIO Realizzato
2014 Restoration medieval courtyard Monaco Palace Creccchio Realizzato
2013 GABELLA TOWER - XV sec. Porta Gabella tower is part of the ancient city wall t of Ripa Tatina. The restoration turned it into an exhibition space, the added elements are a steel and glass walkways to allow accessibility and leave exposed the architectural emerged in the process of restoration. Ripa Teatina - Abruzzo Realizzato
2013 ROMA SQUARE Roma square in Crecchio, appears today as one of the most romantic of the small village. Paved with bricks and pebbles, interacts perfectly with the surrounding buildings of brick and stone,. The dim lights in warm tones damage, the wayfarer night, the feeling of being back in time. The restoration began in the nineties with the recovery of the buildings, was completed in 2013 with the redevelopment of the square. CRECCHIO - ABRUZZO Realizzato
2011 FRANCISCAN MONASTERY The Church, which is currently included in the former convent, dating back to the early sixteenth century, at a time when a rich priest of the place was decided to build on land it owns a small rural church. Subsequently, in 1525, was built by his side the monumental Convent of the Franciscan order Ripa Teatina -Italy Realizzato
2008 MIGNOTTI PALACE - XVII sec. The palace indeed it's the result of an addiction of different medieval buildings, on which, in the XVII century the Doc. Tommaso Mignotti, built the noble floor and the loft making it the house for his family. The restoration operation wanted to preserve and valorize, as long as it's possible, the historical features of every level and to apply the seismic retrofit to the structures,too. Ortona - Abruzzo In corso
2006 ARAGONESE TOWER XV sec. The prject provides to requalify the indoor spaces creating two showrooms may to use for some exhibitions. the project studied a special lightening system to give back a right perception of the original spaces and to preserve the due functionality, for the same reasons it provides the construction of a wooden staircase that allows the access to the second level of the Tower, actually inaccesible. Ripa Teatina - Abruzzo Realizzato
2003-2005 SANTA MARIA DA PIEDI SQUARE RESTORATION FROM DUMPS The square was repaved in the '50s with asphalt tiles, the nineteenth century flagstones dismantled and abandoned on a municipal dumps. The intervention on public space, aimed at reconstruct the image of the town, moved to the dismantling of asphalt paving and re-paving of the survivors, after a careful selection and classification by size. Diagonal laying is inspired by the original of nineteenth century. Crecchio - Abruzzo Realizzato
2000-2002 CALDORA CASTLE - XV sec.FARNESE VINI The bastion built by Jacopo Caldora, was saved from demolition in the XIX's Century by the Mayor De Ritis, then was the family Bernnabeo, repairing failures caused by the last war, to give it the current neo-medieval characters adding other buildings. Finally, hte society Farnese Vini,makes it its Rapresentative Home restoring dignity to the structure and valorising and preserving the historical and urbanistic aspects. Ortona -Abruzzo Realizzato
1995-2005 PRIVATE HOUSES Crecchio - Abruzzo Realizzato
1995-2005 BANCA POPOLARE DELL'EMILIA ROMAGNA ex BLS EX BANDHALL (2002) It 'sa small building of the end of nineteenth century located just at the beginning of the course restored as the location of Banca Popolare di Sulmona and Lanciano. At the beginning of the twentieth century, used first as a Bandhall , was rebuilt the main facade in liberty style with the introduction of various decorative elements typical of the period and a shelter of wrought iron and glass. After the war, used as a cinema, in the 70's as a business premises. Crecchio - Abruzzo Realizzato
1995-2005 MANCINELLI PALACE The building was created by the progressive fusion of many medieval houses. The neoclassical facade of brick, on the main street was built between the end of 1700 and beginning of 1800. The rear of the building incorporates part of the walls and a tower. Inside and on the back have been brought to light the remains of the medieval structures, and restored nineteenth-century frescoes of the vault. Crecchio - Abruzzo Realizzato
1995-2005 MONACO PALACE The historic center of Crecchio is characterized by the presence of buildings ranging from medieval times to the nineteenth century. In Monaco Palace interventions were made of static , functional and architectural recovery, highlighting the buttressing of the building to the most ancient city walls using natural light cuts inserted into wooden roof. Crecchio - Abruzzo In corso
1995-2005 SANTA MARIA DA PIEDI CHURCH The Church is actually made up of a first Longobard implant expanded in the sixteenth century, desecrated in the late nineteenth century, most recently used as a carpenter was finally restored and used as an auditorium. The restoration did not intend to give priority to a period more than of another one , in fact in the interior of the ex church have been preserved the remains of the decorations of the sixteenth century near the medieval defensive slot. Crecchio - Abruzzo Realizzato
1995 DUCAL CASTLE The 'intervention was aimed at enhancing the architectural aspects with light cuts using projectors with low power consumption. Around the castle as in the square of the 'Ex Church of Santa Maria da Piedi’ and all over the historical center lighting plays an important role into the revival and enhancement of the atmosphere and the original spatiality. All the buildings in stone and brick and the square were illuminated with a system of lamps on the floor or wall; where lamps, with a lightly hot light and thanks to a brushing effect, emphasize the shape, decoration and texture of building materials enhancing the original tones. Crecchio - Abruzzo Realizzato
1991 Arielli Mill ARIELLI Realizzato
1990-2012 HISTORIC CENTRE PROJECT FOR THE RIQUALIFICATION OF CRECCHIO'S HISTORICAL CENTER - It provides to use materials that belonged to the local building tradition: as the sandstone and brick; but also recovered materials as the ancient "basolati" wicht paved the main Avenue; as well as the project of urbanfurniture and lighting system to riqualify some spaces of the City and develop the historical aspect. CRECCHIO - Abruzzo Realizzato