2021 RAICAM DRIVELINE Mondovì Realizzato
2019 THE TREE AND THE SKY An anonymous building from the eighties, inside Tenuta Di Sipio, used as an agricultural shed, has been transformed into an exclusive restaurant, immersed in an olive grove in the Abruzzo countryside. The architectural concept of the new added object is entrusted to the tree symbol.   The tree starts from the ground with a trunk that rests on a corner of the glass envelope, from this trunk all the structural elements branch out, triangular blades in corten, which form a complex and harmonious intertwining of branches between the room and the sky . Ripa Teatina Realizzato
2018 Expansion of RAICAM TECH CENTER Bruzolo (TO) The optimization of the usage of natural resources such as the light and the solar irradiation has been the prevailing theme of this work: zenithal light cuts and reflective aluminium structures for transferring the light to the North, main side of the building. The focus of this works is the big Hall, a transparent portal which links up the plant to the landscape and the green spaces through a game of transparencies and reflexes. The dark colour puts the building in the background and celebrates the surrounding landscape. Purpose of such work is to create a less alienating working environment and much more related to the human dimension. Bruzolo (TO) Realizzato
2018 The Unveiled Villa Di Sipio’s estate in Ripa Teatina is made up of 60 hectares with a large villa of the seventeenth century located in the centre of the estate. The structure develops on two levels: a basement floor used as cellar for wine making and a mezzanine floor where is located the manor house. Over the centuries the villa undergone several transformations and during the seventies of the last century the palace had lost its function as noble residence and it was transformed in an agricultural depot, blurred by various shacks and accretions that hid the facades. The hidden elements were replaced by a new transparent structure made of glass, Corten and water to unveil again the ancient palace, with a sandstone and brick pavement. Water, placed on the glass roof, is used to give dynamics to the new space. The ground projections change according to the weather, creating changing atmospheres inside the structure. The pool with glass edges creates a continuum with the marine horizon. The tub on the lower level of the estate, is inspired by the ancient fishery used in the past for irrigation of fields. The removed volumes have been replaced by new hypogean rooms. The roof of the new structure, composed by alternating elements of greed and water, becomes the lookout of the villa, opening the vision of the sea. Ripa Teatina Realizzato
2017 Rocky Marchiano Space The statue of the Rocky Marciano boxer made by the sculptor Luciano Primavera in 1990 has been relocated to a space near the Church of San Rocco at the entrance of Ripa Teatina. The statue was placed on a sandstone rock ring rather than on a pedestal; the local stone was used to confirm the bond with the father's land of the legendary father. The space was enclosed on two sides by a fifth in corten steel slats that reproduce with the Maiella skyline. The slats, arranged on a horizontal trajectory, recall the typical stratigraphy of local sandstone, seem to deform and bend under the fists of the champion, nature and the world bend to Rocky's strength. The downstairs night lighting emphasizes the movement of the slats. Non-exhibition space is not only a commemorative one, but a place to live, to dwell, to meditate. The spectators' sitting, made with recessed travertine curbs, is not placed in front of the ring but rotated by 90 degrees to remind us that the most important challenge is not the show of the box but the daily challenge that life requires us. The ring is there, ready to welcome anyone who wants to confront the champion and win his daily challenge with life. Ripa Teatina Realizzato
2016 IKON RESIDENCE IKON RESIDENCE, located in Budrio, Emilia town in the province of Bologna, is a building with a dual plan "C" is spread symmetrically around a common courtyard where it is accessed by a doorway on the southern front -West. The courtyard connects the private parking in front of the building to the body scale, leading to different living cells. The project is characterized by a sculptural element positioned at the center of the court, of the steel shaft, an object which, starting from the ground with tubular elements that evoke a trunk intertwining reach the top floor with spreading branches and getting coverage. Budrio Realizzato
2016 The wine fountain, The wine fountain, is the first fountain in Italy, where you can go to tap the wine for free. The idea comes from Fausto Nella, chairman of the journey of St. Thomas and real yield The fountain an enveloping structure was built entirely through reuse and recycling of discarded objects related to wine production, A barrel disassembled and reassembled eg create a different object from the original, a stone basin recovered and other small items. To draw from the source you have to enter the barrel, a shell that helps to break away for a moment of real and pushes to meditation to the sense of life's journey. "Do you drink wine, you do not know whence you came, Be glad, because you do not know where to go " Omar Hayyam” (1048 - 1131) Ortona, Italy Realizzato
2016 URBAN RENEWAL OF CRECCHIO CASTLE The main aim of the intervention was to give full breath to the Ducal Castle and to give back to the town’s community a space completely enjoyable, removing the parking lots under the walls of the castle and lining the whole area at the same level. With a unique square, all at the same level, the entire space became more ample, usable and more accessible for people with disabilities thanks to the elimination of the architectural barries. CRECCHIO Realizzato
2016 RAICAM TECH CENTER Meeting and synthesis between two civilizations of architecture. On one hand there is the Indian one: the holistic architecture of Vastu Shastra, where the nature law affects the places where human beings live, and the cosmic energies of the universe go through them. On the other hands there is the western architecture, where the functions and the ergonomics of the spaces defines the shape and the design and everything is thus going towards outside through reflective surfaces. What it comes out is an aggregation of glass volumes arranged diagonally- according to the strength lines of Vastu- into a parallelepiped. Sanand, Ahmedabad, India Realizzato
2015 CYCLE AND PEDESTRIAN PATH: "" GREEN ROAD COAST OF TRABOCCHI "" province of Chieti-Italy Environmentally friendly tourism, recovering abandoned area of the former railway line Ortona - Vasto on a nice pedestrian trail and into a dynamic museum of the territory surrounded in nature. 50 Kilometres of cycle path on the Adriatic coast with services fully powered by solar energy systems. The architectural language is suggested by spontaneous forms created by reeds and by the striking of the "overflow" forms, extremely lightweight structures that rest on an evanescent structure made of nets and wooden poles arranged in an irregular manner. The former galleries are transformed into art galleries The extraordinary natural vegetation with widespread patches of reeds represent a continuity of the landscape that the earth falls on the sea through the taut lines of the walkways of the "overflow" suspended between sea and sky. Access to the trail from the port of Ortona become the gateway to the world of the Trabocchi, understood as a spiritual place. Google Traduttore per il Business:Translator ToolkitTraduttore di siti webStrumento a supporto dell'export Informazioni su Google TraduttoreCommunityPer cellulari Tutto su GooglePrivacy e TerminiGuida Costa Teatina - Abruzzo Concorso
2013 S.S. SALVATORE SQUARE The new S.S. Salvatore square regains its function of centrality, with a pedestrian zone, an element of union of the Church with the valley. The main facade of the church, although offset from the whole square regains its importance due to tree-lined paved with old paving stones, with which it was once paved the historical center of Crecchio. Crecchio - Abruzzo Realizzato
2012 DI SIPIO WINE DI SIPIO WINE - Situated on an hill with beautifull view on the Adriatic Sea, under the lower floor of the XVII's century's villa, this winery takes advantage from the stable temperatures of the underground and it's articled into three levels. The structure is conceived with three envelopes: the external one in sandstone boulders, which rapresents the link with the surrounding environment;the middle one made by old bricks, which marks continuity with the ancient villa; the inner one made by glass, a contemporary technological envelope. The tasting room, in the middle level, is dominated by the texture of the Cor-Ten ceiling slabs, the effects of light and shade and color evoke the image of plowed fields. Ripa Teatina -Italy Realizzato
2012 VILLA MUCCHIARELLI RESORT & RELAX - Costum: LIBERTY PRIVATE INVESTMENT s.r.l. The project starts from the restoration of an ancient Villa of the begining of XX century, situated in the Crecchio's countryside, for tourism and hospitality. To the original building were added service structures that will host a SPA and an enlargement of the restaurant, until to reconnect to other recovered buildings for tourism and hospitality,too. Crecchio - Chieti Realizzato
2012 RAICAM INDUSTRIE CONNECTION The connection structure made by glass and steel is inserted between two industrial bloks of Sixties to improve and optimize the production cycle. Thanks to the particular facetted shape of the coverege, wich kept the external natural light, the inner space it's bright but however protected from direct sunlight, also thanks to the sunshade. VAL DI SUSA - BRUZOLO Realizzato
2011 VIGNETI RADICA WINERY The project for Radica Winery it's about the enlargement of the grape's processing area. The characteristic element it's the laminated wooden roof leaning to the pre-existing structure: a large open wing wich icludes the winery. The big triangular flaps, with their descending proceeding to ground,are studied to shade and avoid that the light directly enters in the processing area, to preserve the quality of the wine. The barrel cellar it's defined by a local sandstone wall, to recall the landscape, and the walls and the floor are painted with dark colours to soften the light's refraction. TOLLO - Chieti Realizzato
2011 Liberty Hotel An exclusive hotel on the Mediterranean, developed vertically, shielded walls to the south and west Mediterraneo Incarico
2010 EXECUTIVE CENTER An exhibition and commercial space, 3000 square meters. Large Stained Glass encased in a stainless steel perforated slabs of accaiao, with the function of solar shading. Games of light night pattern shape and icolori. Stainless steel is the basic material used in the construction Mceccaniche D'Eusanio snc Tollo TOLLO (Ch) ITALY In corso
2008 chalet Bayahibe Francavilla Al Mare Realizzato
2008 ORIENTALE ESPLANADE Urban Redevelopment of the F.P. Tosti Belvedere Ortona - Chieti Realizzato
2008 " LIDO DELLE ROSE" BATHING The target of the restoration it's to transform the existing building, with its rigid and box shape, in an accomplished and light one, able to converse with the dinamic lines of the maritim environment and the traditions of Abruzzo's coast. The structural vertical steel elements, wich are repeat in the veranda, are metaphor of the complex and thin "trabocchi"structure. The parasoles and gazebo are replaced by stressed elements and drapes to repropose the lightness theme of sails wich draw the Adriatic Sea. Francavilla al Mare Incarico
2008 CASTEL DU PARK HOTEL The project provides consolidation and restoration of a 800's Castle , used as holtel, and its enlargement. The enlarged zone it's strongly characterized and discernible by its contemporary architectural language and used materials: the coverage it's an organic and liquid shape made by steel and glass with a waterfall wicht sprays its surfaces. SAINT HONORE' LE BAINS Borgogna - Fancia Incarico
2008 NON SOLO VINO - Enoteca "Non Solo Vino" (Not Only Wine) it's a wine bar settled in the center of Ortona (a little harbor city in Chieti District) wich added the sale of top quality local food products,to the wines sale and tasting. The scene that is created is a metaphor of the landscape of the Abruzzo coast in Italy. The lighting system reminds the observer of the typical "Trabocchi" of Abruzzo, while the lights that filter from the stones in the ground inserted in bamboo canes recall coastal landscapes. Ortona - Chieti Realizzato
2007 DORA SARCHESE s.r.l. - WINERY The new Winery shows a large curved wall made by sandstone, it looks like a ruin and a symbolic element, to remember us that wine it's a product strongly linked to its environment and tradition. There are re-proposed just the symbols of Ortona's territory, between the sea and the mountain. The stones and the bricks used for, thanks to their natural porosity, maintain constant the humidity in the underground cellar, so they can evoid to install a climate system, representing an advantageous energy saving for the entire structure. Orotna - Chieti Concorso
2006-2009 PALAZZO CESPA - RENOVATION The renovation of an ancient building settled in Ortona, Cespa Palace, includes: the realization of appartments on the three floors, on the ground floor ith rooms for commercial and services activities and the realization of two underground floors to be assigned to parking. The project provides to preserve, on two of the three sides, te original facades, replacing the internal structure of the building. Ortona - Chieti In corso
2006-2008 MARINA DI ORTONA The project starts from the need, of the society "Marina of Ortona s.r.l." to realize a quay to anchorage a floating dock, and a little building where are settled a few public service spaces. The structure of this building it's partially made by hot dip galvanized steel, and partially by laminated wood; while the vertical cladding is made by sandwiches type or transparent, with glass colored,too; to let the landscape to characterize the indoor spaces. Ortona - Chieti Realizzato
2005 CIERI WINERY The winery has an extreme hight Tech structure, with almost 2000sm covered by only one 45m span and a projection, 15m long. The roof was made by re-using the laminated wooden structures of an abandoned industrial building. The materials wich are used for the new structures, laminated wood a part, are concrete for basement, aluminum for the coverege and inox steel for silos. Ortona - Chieti Realizzato
2004-2008 TRANSHUMANCE MUSEUM The project starts by the aim to restructure a big experimental breeding center of 60's for ovine breeds, wich actually it's property of State and managed by the Forestry Corp. The museum it's conceived as an open museum route, metaphor of the transhumance journey from Abruzzo's mountains to the sea and Puglia's plains, a route in witch it's the landscape itselfs that became integral part of the display system. The exhibition line results articulated in three buildings: the 60's silos, the central gallery elevated from the ground to let the pasturage of flocks on the land, and the polifunctional Hall. Castel del Monte - L'Aquila Realizzato
2004 THE PESCARA RIVER BRIDGE The bridge at the mouth of the Pescara river, between the town center to the marina area, a metaphor of sailing ships plying the river in the nineteenth century. The light becomes the door of the sea in the city. Pescara - Abruzzo
2004 THE WATER CITY The RENNOVATION of brownfield sites is an opportunity to create new residential and tourist accommodation on the mouth of the river Pescara in direct contact with the water . The river goes back to being an important means of communication for the city and docks buildings wedged in a docking point stage of a theater on the water. Pescara - Abruzzo
1986 FINANCE OFFICES Lanciano - Chieti Concorso
1985 LA SIRENA Francavilla al Mare - Chieti Concorso
1979 01 UNIVERSITY PROJECT First university project - a residential structures: with gallery distribution Based on a industrialized construction system, steel frame and prefabricated panels, structural and compositional flexibility. Bologna - Emilia Romagna